When you pass through the entrance gate, you step into the world of Great
Britain. The black and white themed architectural style replicates good old Britain.

British Village

■Toy Museum

Toy Museum

■15inch Gage Railway Museum

15inch Gage Railway Museum
Takumi Village Izu Village British VillageJapanese Garden Fairy Garden Canadian Village

This is a Canadian village that was modeled on Nelson City in Canada, which is a sister city of Izu. It is located near a lake and offers exposure to nature.


■Kaleidoscope Museum

Kaleidoscope Museum
A great number of fantastic kaleido-scopes are displayed at an exhi-bition space on the second floor of Nelson hall.
You can also buy kits to make your own kaleidoscope and products made by artists.

■Indian fort

Indian fort
This is an athletic field in the forest where children can play.
Canadian Village

This is a Western-style garden that has the harmony of a beautiful fountain,statues and flowerbeds. You can enjoy colorful flowers blooming seasonally.

Fairy Garden

■Royal Rose Garden

Royal Rose Garden
This is a three-dimensional rose garden using the slope of the north side of the fairy garden. 100 kinds of gorgeous roses (2,300 in total) bloom all over the garden.

This is a Japanese garden, making full use of the nature and the land form of Izu Shuzenji, blessed with a genial climate. A lot of trees and flowers bloom all over the place.

Japanese Garden

■Rhododendron Woods

Rhododendron Woods
150 kinds of rhododendron (2,100
in total) bloom in three stages;
early, mid and then late. From late
March through until May.

■Iris Garden

Iris Garden
It is amazing to see all the 300 kinds of iris (7,000 in total), Edo style, Ise style and Higo style,
blooming. The time of bloom is June.

The stone-paved slope, making full use of the natural land form, and the streets that can be seen in historical plays, are filled with a vibrant mood.
A variety of special local products from Izu, such as foods from the sea and the mountains, are displayed and sold.

Izu Village
  • Hashido(shiitake mushroom of the Izu specialty)
  • Teyakidou(Demonstration and sale of a hand baked rice cracker)
  • Tyakkiri(Japanese Tea)
  • Engiya(Japanese style miscellaneous goods and Shuzenji style sculpture)
  • Momijian(Japanese style cafe)
  • Kushiya(Sweetfish grilled with salt)
  • Shuzenjian(Japanese noodles)

The thatched-roof lined expert village is located on a hilly area of maple forest. There is a craft center whereyou can experience Japanese traditional culture and try your hand at making crafts.



・Edo yuzen printing
・Edo embroidery

■Wash craft center

Wash craft center
 Japanese paper


・Edo tops
・Wooden toys


・Ceramic seal
・Ceramic art


・Wood work
Early January to
early February
Late March to
early April
Late March to May
mid-April to mid-May
Early May
Daffodils Path Shuzenji Plum-Grove Cherry blossom Rhododendron Woods Wisteria Tunnel Wisteria Tunnel
Daffodils Path
Shuzenji Plum-Grove
Cherry blossom
Rhododendron Woods
Wisteria Tunnel
Late May to early June
May and October
Late October to
Late November to
Late November
Iris Garden Hydrangea Royal Rose Garden Chrysanthemum Festival Maple Forest Illuminated Maple
Iris Garden
Royal Rose Garden
Chrysanthemum Festival
Maple Forest
Illuminated Maple
Cumbria Brighton Mt. Fuji viewpoint Mt. Fuji viewpoint Mt. Fuji viewpoint Information

■Opening hours



Every Tuesday,mid-December and late January.

*Opening hours and closed days are subjected to change without notice.
*No pets allowed.


Adult……1,200 yen
Child(4 years old~elementary school student)……600 yen

*Group discount available (more than 15 people).

*Discount for guests who stay in the contracted hotels in Izu city.

■Parking fee

Coach…………..800 yen Micro bus……….600 yen
Standard car……300 yen Two wheels……..100 yen

■SL-Steam Locomotive-fare (One way)

Adult……400 yen
Child(4 years old~elementary school student)……200 yen

■Park bus fare (One way)

Adult……200~400 yen
Child(4 years old~elementary school student)……100~200 yen

*The fares differ according to the distance traveled.
★Tax is included in all the prices.


By bullet train
(Shinkansen Kodama)

Tokyo station→Mishima station
…approximately 1 hour
Nagoya station→Mishima station
…approximately 1 hour 40 minutes
Shin Osaka station→Mishima station
…approximately 3 hours
Mishima station→Shuzenji station
…approximately 30 minutes by
   Izu Hakone Line
By direct L express (Odoriko)
Tokyo station→Shuzenji station
…approximately 2 hours 15 minutes
Shuzenji station→Shuzenji Onsen(Spa)
…approximately 10 minutes by bus
Shuzenji station→Niji No Sato
…approximately 20 minutes by bus

By car (Tomei Expressway)
Tokyo→Numazu I.C.……approximately 1 hour 10 minutes
Nagoya→Numazu I.C.……approximately 2 hours 10 minutes
Numazu I.C.→Shuzenji……approximately 25 km via Route 136